Nearing closer to the release of our 31-track "Only Silk 05" compilation, label leader Vintage and Morelli reveals four extraordinary cuts from his "Part Two" continuous mix, including one of his own new originals, "Come Home."

Closing out the sampler, the perennially innovative Blugazer offers the intoxicating "Thalael Myrn," which serves as the intro track of Vintage and Morelli's "Only Silk 05" continuous mix. A broken-beat groove, combined with a distant vocal effect and a variety of other atmospheric and rhythmic flourishes, create a mesmerizing soundscape in the early going. Yet, the full majesty of this composition is not revealed until the breathtaking lead theme arrives at the two-minute mark, which sets the listener adrift in a current of sonic bliss.

Release Date: 10/26/18