In anticipation of the release of Silk Music Showcase 06, Jacob Henry is thrilled to present a sampler of standout tunes from his mix. From deep and atmospheric to melodic and euphoric, the five tracks chosen here represent the range of progressive sounds on Jacob's mix, as well as the weekly label radio show from which it derives its name.

A reliable pairing on our recent radio show-based compilations, American sensations Blugazer and The Cynic Project once again have teamed up; the result is "Queenscapes," an immersive aural expedition, in which the listener is submerged in myriad vocal and instrumental layers. Blugazer's blissfully atmospheric synths, a veritable artist signature, have a sort of opiate effect on the listener, while The Cynic Project's ethereal vocal touches propel the listener even deeper into a spiritual reverie.

Release Date: 10/23/2017