Blugazer feat. The Cynic Project - Waves on the Ocean

Progressive and trance composer Blugazer and production and vocals duo The Cynic Project reunite on "Waves On The Ocean," the sophomore effort from the extraordinarily gifted American veterans. Originally featured on this year's "Only Silk 04" compilation, their latest collaboration is a sensual progressive masterpiece. In the early going, Blugazer's deep and evocative after-hours groove transports the listener to a tranquil sea at dusk. It is soon met by The Cynic Project's main vocal motif - "watching out for you" - which gently and soulfully emerges, as if mystically arising from the sea itself. The patient crescendo of the opening minutes dissolves into a soothing and romantic breakdown. The word "lush" hardly does justice to the mellifluous and therapeutic drop to follow.

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