Part of the Particles summer release schedule, Orsen and his "Elysium" EP hit the ground running with an impressive three-track offering that has subsequently seen the UK born artist with a high profile Sudbeat release in early 2016. Now, returning to "Elysium", Irish and US production talents take up the Particles remix mantle.

Already active in the underground dance scene for more than a decade, New York based Jack Barrile, possesses blue chip DJ credentials that have seen him open for Markus Schulz and perform across his US homeland. Describing his Blugazer production pseudonym as "a dreamer" and an escape from reality. Over a century of production credits can be found attributed to the Blugazer name since 2011's debut for Silent Shore Records, not least for the Alter Ego and Silk Music family of labels. The latter, in particular, saw the release of a full-length album in the shape of "Color the Afterglow" in November 2015. Further work for Nueva, Incepto and Fuzzy Recordings has cemented a growing reputation.

Making his Particles debut with a rich and deeply emotive rework of "Castles", Blugazer takes Orsen's original and applies a strong beat and sustained bass line that anchors against swung percussive house groove. Evolving delicately across its near seven-minute journey, a collage of melodic lines converges and coalesces in typically impressive fashion to create a work full of originality that is an astute interpretation of Orsen's music.

Two further remixes from Lateral Cut Groove and Blugazer have illustrated that the path to Orsen's "Elysium" is far from complete.

Release Date: 3/4/2016